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Instilling healthy habits in young minds

A youth-oriented initiative of the Punyaarjan Foundation
Our Activities
Municipal School, Tokha, Kathmandu

We conduct toothbrushing + oral health awareness campaigns in community schools across Kahmandu.

We collect books from schools and students, and donate them to children in rural schools.

Children volunteers for health camp at Sindhupalchowk

We promote volunteer-ship in young children to make them compassionate towards their community.

Meet Chetu

Chetu the wanderer monkey is our fictional character. All our activities are based on Chetu’s story. Children idolize Chetu as their inspiring figure.

Read Chetu’s Story!

Follow Chetu’s Habits

Whenever his tummy rumbles, Chetu eats healthy. He knows fruits and veggies will do him good, and besides, what can be more filling than his trusty banana?

When he finds himself restless or angry because he doesn’t get enough bananas, Chetu meditates. By meditating, he clears his mind and controls his thoughts.

Chetu knows that brushing his teeth twice a day keeps them white and healthy. Besides, he thinks brushing is fun and so he plays it like a game.

When he’s not swinging from branch to branch, Chetu keeps himself busy by letting his creativity flow. He loves his crayons and though he’s embarrassed by what he draws, he knows that with enough practice, he’ll surely get better.

Know us better

Our Club in Numbers

NRP 83,000 raised from selling toothbrushes (received in credit) to family and friends

7 core-members working to lead the club

25 members partaking in our activities

4 partner non-profits, hospitals and suppliers

Recent: We celebrated World Oral Heal Day!
Toothbrushing campaign and oral health awareness, World Oral Health Day, 20th March, 2022
A fresh smile for you means new books for few!

We raise funds for school support, scholarships to rural children, and books for rural libraries by selling toothbrushes. Support us!

Instilling healthy habits in young minds

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