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Chapter 2: The Orchard

Art Credit: Mr. Blue

The path in front branched off into three. Each leading to a different place. Both Rita and Chetu were confused. Rita had never been to this part of the jungle and neither had Chetu. They felt lost and deserted.

Rita: “What will we do now?”

Chetu: “Don’t worry Rita, I come across such forks all the time while venturing outside. We will find a way.”

Chetu climbed up a stout mango tree to have a better look ahead. He could see the first path leading to a cliff, the second leading to the lion’s den and the third leading to a beautiful wild fruit orchard.

Obviously, the first two paths would be a bad choice so the two went towards the orchard.

Rita: “Wow Chetu, you are really smart, aren’t you? I would never have thought of doing that.”

Chetu: “Oh, difficult choices come and go every now and then. You should just be able to think on your feet and make the right choice. It’s not that hard, trust me.”

Rita was fascinated by Chetu’s attitude. He was smart and brave, but more importantly, he was thoughtful.

Together, the two went into the orchard. The smells of fresh berries and ripe mangoes lured Rita. She was so desperate to try those fruits. But she sighed in sadness.

Rita: I’m sorry Chetu, but I can’t join you in eating these fruits. They look good, but every time I eat something sweet, my teeth hurt very badly. It feels almost as if someone is hammering nails into my teeth.

Chetu: Oh that sounds painful! Let me see what’s wrong.

Rita opened wide and Chetu peeked into her mouth. He was shocked to see her teeth smeared in yellow, and patches of black scattered everywhere.

Chetu: Rita, I’m sorry to say but I think you should look after your hygiene. Your teeth don’t seem healthy to me!


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